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model: 00062030058

194 CZK

množství: 1 + -

The repair kit is a two-component, epoxy resin adhesive. Hardens at room temperature, accelerated hardening possible by raising temperature. Use: Particularly suitable for steel, but also for other metals, wood, concrete, ceramics, glass and most plastics. The steel bond is resistant to, among others things, oil, petrol, diesel and battery acid. Processing: Best results with clean and rough surfaces. Cut off required amount and knead for approx. 1 minute until uniform colour achieved. Use within 2 minutes. At first, it seems as if no adhesion is present. Nevertheless, press the adhesive mixture into the surface. Remove excess material. When coating or repairing surfaces that are still wet, leak or are under water, apply pressure until adhesion begins. Smooth flat with water by hand for an even surface. Wash hands immediately with soap and water (or with Turbo cleaning towelette) on completion. Hardening commences after 5 to 10 minutes. The repaired part can be used again after as little as 60 minutes. The surfaces to be glued must be dry and free from dust and grease.

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