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model: 3PW1678500

5317 CZK

množství: 1 + -

The X-Country by KTM powered by SunnyBAG solar technology. The new KTM
X-Country Solar Backpack is a robust and light outdoor backpack which,
in addition to many useful functions, also features a built-in solar power
plant. Hiding between durable ripstopfabric is a 4-watt solar panel, which
is one of the world’s most powerful panels with an efficiency rate of 22.4 %.
Once sunlight hits the cells, the energy is stored in a 5,000 m Ah battery,
which is built into the X-Country. From this battery you can environmentally
friendly charge GPS navigation devices, smart phones, GoPro, wearables,
and thousands more USB devices at any time while traveling. The X-Country
offers a large mesh pocket at the front exterior as well as numerous
compartments at the sides and in the interior that provide enough space for
equipment. A pro-active ventilation level for the back ensures a comfortable
fit even during long trips. Size: 33 x 55 x 12 cm. 100 % polyester.

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