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Produkt - spotřební materiál

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71 CZK
39373 CZK
  • 00062030019

    117 CZK

    KTM Air Filter Oil for KTM foam air filters. Effectively reduces intruding sand, dust and water. Exceptional air permeability. Excellent adhesion. Application: Dip the filter in oil, knead it and press out any excess oil. Allow the filter to dry completely.
  • 00063090105

    716 CZK

    Assortment box is ideal for loose bolts, jets and and other small parts. 30 individual trays and clear tops make orginizing parts quick and easy. Measures 34cm X 24cm x 5cm. For use with shelf system 00063090106.
  • 00062030000

    357 CZK

    MOTOREX brake fluid DOT 5.1 in a 250g bottle.
  • U6951130

    261 CZK

    100 x, length: 20 cm.
  • 00062030057

    532 CZK

    The mixture ratio is automatically regulated in the carbon glue. For repairing plastic and carbon parts, ready for further rework after only approx. 10-30 minutes. Extremely high strength, temperature resistant from -40 to +140°C, resistant to greases, oils, fuels, water and many more. 
  • 00062030051

    269 CZK

    A firm hold for your grips.
  • Hydraulic clutch fluid for use in all Magura clutch systems.  100ml
  • 00062030055

    444 CZK

    General purpose cleaner for your bike and your workshop with adaptive nozzle. Removes oil, grease, dirt, grime and other residual contaminiation. Can be used for cleaning plastics, decals, frame, rims, suspension, seat, chain and all other components of your bike. Does not harm rubber or other sensitive surface.
  • 308088

    107 CZK

    Orange packing tape with KTM logo. The same tape used by shipping department at KTM. 50mm wide and 99m long.
  • 6899785

    339 CZK

    Medium strength thread lock. Parts should be cleaned with KTM Power Clean before usage. 
  • 58429059000

    596 CZK

    Extra high strength thread locker. Clean all parts with KTM Power Clean before usage. 24ml 
  • 00062010035

    686 CZK

    Motorex Engineoil 10W/60. Obligatory use for the model 690 LC4! Only orderable in a box with 12x1 liter. ATTENTION: Price for sale has changed!  
  • 00062030056

    532 CZK

    The power glue is extremely resistant to impact, peel, tensile stress and weather. It can withstand temperatures from -40 to +40°C, it is resistant to grease, oils, fuels, water and much more, quick to fix on plastic and metal parts and does not require any extensive surface preparation.
  • 00062030058

    194 CZK

    The repair kit is a two-component, epoxy resin adhesive. Hardens at room temperature, accelerated hardening possible by raising temperature. Use: Particularly suitable for steel, but also for other metals, wood, concrete, ceramics, glass and most plastics. The steel bond is resistant to, among others things, oil, petrol, diesel and battery acid. Processing: Best results with clean and rough surfaces. Cut off required amount and knead for approx. 1 minute until uniform colour achieved. Use within 2 minutes. At first, it seems as if no adhesion is present. Nevertheless, press the adhesive mixture into the surface. Remove excess material. When coating or repairing surfaces that are still wet, leak or are under water, apply pressure until adhesion begins. Smooth flat with water by hand for an even surface. Wash hands immediately with soap and water (or with Turbo cleaning towelette) on completion. Hardening commences after 5 to 10 minutes. The repaired part can be used again after as littl
  • 00062030050

    852 CZK

    Degrease and clean parts with KTM power cleaner before use; contents: 50 ml.
  • 00062030053

    248 CZK

    KTM silicone spray is a lubricant, mould release agent and care product for surfaces like metal, plastic and rubber, content 400 ml.
  • 00063090106

    1365 CZK

    Storage Shelf hold 4 of the Assortment Boxes (00063090105) or KTM Jet (00050000022, 00050000023), Shim Kits (600036035010, 77036035010) and Bolt Kit (00029099100). Shelf has convenient carry handle and mounting holes for mounting in workshop or van.
  • 309098

    1819 CZK

    Three Bond silicone liquid gasket. Ideal for sealing parts that do not require a paper gasket. 
  • Always at hand, practical and highly effective! The Turbo cleaning towelette that removes unhardened sealant and PR foams, oil, most adhesives, colours and lubricants from hands, tools and surfaces.